Thursday, May 31, 2012

New "Mickey" Luggage

Wow!  I can't believe there are only 58 days left until we begin our trip.
Time is flying by so fast.  Take a look at our new "Mickey" luggage.
We hope these will be easy to find at the airports.  What do you think???

Friday, May 25, 2012

Flights Confirmed

Check out this plane! Our flights are officially confirmed!  Our most interesting layover will be in Doha, Qatar.  We have never been to this airport.  The closest we have ever been is when Minnie camped on the tip of the Sinai Peninsula.  The longest flight is from Paris to Hong Kong.  This consists of a 6 hour flight followed by an 8 hour flight.  Woo Hoo! Can't wait for that one!  I hope we are fully exhausted so we can catch some ZZZs to make the time pass quickly. Thanks to all of our friends who will help to make this trip the time of our lives!  We appreciate all that you do! 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Disney 'Round the World Trip

Disney 'Round the World Trip

Well, here is my first official blog.  We are Mickey & Minnie Baus.  Our 20th Wedding Anniversary is coming up in August and to celebrate my husband is taking us on a "Disney 'Round the World" celebration.  To those of you out there who are not as Disney-fied, Disney has 5 Resorts and 11 Parks all over the world; Disney World in Florida, Disneyland Paris in Paris, Hong Kong Disneyland in Hong Kong, Tokyo Disney Resort in Tokyo & Disneyland in California.  We will be visiting all Parks and Resorts in one 26 day adventure! We are only 66 days away from starting our amazing trip.  Feel free to follow us and share our journey on this extraordinary magical vacation! Stay tuned for more.....